Nokia Firewall Manager

That Which Is Not Expressly Permitted Is Prohibited

Mar 20, 2002:

Discovered Python had some severe limitations when attempting to control a firewall remote via Telnet or FTP. After much testing, I decided to redo NFM in Perl. During my re-writing of NFM, I discovered Perl does not like the C shell, which is the default on Nokia firewalls. To get around this problem, I recommend users create a "Backup" account on the Nokia firewall that defaults to Bourne. It'll make life easier. Added some new switches that are discussed in the documentation. Will have backup capabilities soon that will allow users to restore firewalls thru Voyager.

Mar 1, 2002:

Developed a configuration summary script which can be ftp'd to a firewall. Once the script has been put on the firewall, a telnet session can be initiated to run the script. This script provides a detailed configuration summary with the following information:

  • Interface Configuration
  • Disk Space Usage
  • Routing Tables for IPv4 and IPv6
  • System Configuration
  • Network Access and Services
  • Voyager Web Access
  • SSH

  • I have not been successful scripting SSH at all. I will recommend SecuRemote to establish a VPN connection to the firewall. This is a free software download from Check Point. This will provide encryption that will protected sensitive data from being sniffed. I will begin compiling information that will be stored locally on the workstation, and investigate the best method for storing this data.

    Feb. 24, 2002:

    Project is in the planning stage.