Nokia Firewall Manager

That Which Is Not Expressly Permitted Is Prohibited

Status: In Development
Project Admin: Paul Ammann
License: GPL
Version: 0.02
Released: 20 Mar 2002 (see Latest News)

The goal of this project is to develop a software application designed to manage and configure a large number of Nokia firewalls that may reside on a coproate enterprise, MSP, or hosted ASP network.

Nokia Firewall Manager, or NFM, operates across an IP network that deploys Nokia firewalls. NFM will communicate with all Nokia firewalls on a network by using both secure and unsecure communications protocols.

NFM maintains information about all the Nokia firewalls on a network so you can perform actions on them quickly and easily. NFM provides functionality that allows you to group devices so that you can manage large number of them from a single reference point.

The wish list:

  • Upgrade IPSO operating system software
  • Configure Check Point FireWall-1 and distribute licenses
  • Enable or disable installed versions of the IPSO operatiing system
  • Back up and restore device configuration files, log files, and home directory
  • Perform software inventory on devices
  • Install software packages
  • Enable or disable installed software packages
  • Upload files to devices
  • Run user-defined scripts on devices
  • Verify connectivity to devices
  • All information stored on a workstation should be encrypted
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